Arches National Park with Toyota

This year, I will have lived in Utah for 5 years…and have only ever been to one National park here. I’ve been to Zion a few times, and it is absolutely gorgeous. But I’ve never been to the other 4 Utah National parks. One of our goals for 2018 is to go to all 5 of the parks! So, we started the year off by heading down to Arches National Park over the weekend. And it did not disappoint.

I’m not a stranger to red rocks. But there’s something about driving and hiking among towering arches that reminds you how amazing this world we live in is. Even though it was somewhat cold, I loved going in January. There were very few people around, so we were able to take our time and enjoy driving slowly and taking as many pictures as we wanted.

Don’t let the snow fool you, it was surprisingly warm for mid-January. Bastian was fascinated by the arches. He is a relatively good traveler, so taking road trips with him is one of my favorite things. Moab is only 3 hours away, so remind me again why this was the first time I’d been…?

We borrowed this cute CH-R from Toyota for our trip to Arches. It had lots of space in the trunk for our camera equipment and plenty of changes of clothes, since we decided to take some pictures for Juniper Oak while we were there. Looking back at the photos we took, I love the way the blue and white CH-R looks against the red rocks. We knew we needed a car that could handle the windy roads within the park, and the whole drive was smooth and comfortable.

Moab, we’ll be back soon. I sense a future trip to Canyonlands National Park in the near future.

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