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Let’s Talk Motherhood: Staying Present

Guys, I have a bad mom confession: I suck at staying present for my baby. I try really hard, but I’m still trying to figure out how to balance my full time job, full time blog, and being a stay at home mom five days a week. Because this is an area I’m needing a bit of work on, I’m really grateful for this month’s Let’s Talk Motherhood Series. I know I’ll be able to get some great advice from the other moms in this series. And hopefully I can do a little bit better at being present for my baby. Read more

Breastfeeding in Public

I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to breastfeed Bastian. There have definitely been a few times that I’ve been ready to give up and call it quits, but we’ve managed to stick with it. I love the bond that he and I are able to share, and some of my favorite moments throughout the day are when I’m breastfeeding him. Being a parent comes with struggles and challenges that differ for each set of parents. One thing I knew I was committed to when I got pregnant, was breastfeeding. I know breastfeeding isn’t possible for everyone, and so I really do feel blessed that we’ve had a relatively issue-free breastfeeding experience so far.  Read more

How We Beat The 4 Month Sleep Regression

I used to think the 4 month sleep regression was a myth. An excuse for moms whose babies didn’t like to take naps. Boy, was I wrong. I know that sleep regressions can happen at any point of a baby’s life, but I have a lot of friends who had sleep regressions hit at around 4 months. For us, the sleep regression started at about 3 1/2 months old.  Read more

Southern Utah Weekend Getaway

About a month ago, Bastian hit a sleep regression. He was a relatively good sleeper until that point. Then, suddenly, he was up every single hour wanting to nurse. A sleep regression is officially the most exhausting part of parenthood. We went through sooo much coffee, guys. The lack of sleep was really starting to catch up to us, so we decided we needed a little weekend getaway.  Read more

Why I Love Being A Blogger and Influencer


I’ve always loved living in Utah, but there are a few things about the culture here that have always annoyed me. Especially since I started blogging. One of these things, is the blogger culture. There’s a huge market for it in Utah. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The great thing is that no one looks at you in confusion when you mention you blog, since that’s a totally normal profession here. Something that sucks? Everyone is a blogger.  Read more

Fall Fashion Favorites

Fall is my favorite season. It may be basic, but I love pumpkin spiced lattes, the changing colors, and especially the fall fashion. If it weren’t so hot, I’d wear boots all year round. As soon as September hits, I start layering my clothes and wearing long sleeves, in denial that it’s still 97 degrees outside. Fall fashion is better than any other season. It’s not miserably cold, so you don’t have to hide your outfit behind a huge coat. And there are so many more options with your wardrobe than during the summer. I love my shorts, but I’m ready to retire them for a few months. Read more

The Realities of Postpartum Anxiety

A few months back, a good friend of mine wrote a blog post about her experience with postpartum anxiety. It was around this same time that I read another article about postpartum anxiety. This wasn’t a new concept for me. I’d read about and heard about both postpartum anxiety and depression a long time before I got pregnant. I just didn’t realize how intense it could be.  Read more

Postpartum Update: 4 Months

I was nervous to write this month’s post. The postpartum recovery is rough. I’ve received comments about my progress and that I seem to be losing the weight pretty quickly. I’m grateful that everything I’ve been doing has been working pretty well. That being said, this month has been hard for me.  Read more

Instagram isn’t Reality

I try to seem pretty transparent on my Instagram and my blog. No one likes seeing a fake, happy life portrayed on Instagram when that isn’t really the case. If my baby pooped on me three times in a day, I’ll mention it instead of saying that my day was great. I also try to stay real about our current struggles with sleep training. But at the end of the day, no one is going to like the photo that you post if it looks more like “real life”. Read more

Recovery and my Eating Disorder Demons

I’ve been asked a lot to write this post. No one really talks about their eating disorders very openly. Back when I had a blog in high school, I wrote a post about my struggles with an eating disorder. I was shocked at the amount of people who messaged me afterwards telling me that they too, struggled with an eating disorder. The fact is, a lot of people struggle with self image. So many people struggle, mentally, to get themselves to eat every single day.  Read more