Project You and Me: 8 Months

This post was due an entire week ago. But the holidays are truly way more busy and stressful than I ever anticipate. Especially with a baby around this year. I distinctly remember this time last year, thinking about our first Christmas with Bastian. And it was finally here! So so SO many things have happened with Bastian this last month, and he is growing like a weed.


-Favorite foods are spaghetti, broccoli(and honestly any other green vegetable), and sweet potatoes. You LOVE sweet potatoes.

-Crawling and standing up on EVERYTHING. I can’t leave you alone for a second.

-Absolutely love Trolls Holiday, but only in French. It’s the one thing I can put on and KNOW you’ll sit and watch it so I can work.

-Increased your vocabulary by three words, one in French and two in English.

-Got to visit BOTH sets of grandparents this month and absolutely loved all of the attention and love.

-Still travel like a champ.

-Started sleeping through the night(again).

-Prefer playing with dvd cases than most of your toys.

-Pulled the Christmas tree down FOUR TIMES in one week.

-Have turned into SUCH a mamas boy. Always always reaching out for me to hold you.



-Excited for 2017 to be over, and ready to get to work on all of the projects we have planned for 2018.

-Still trying to get used to the absence of Thunder, but also grateful for our new pup, Lyla, to fill the void.

-Won a picture of Joe Keery drinking coffee at our White Elephant Gift party and it’s honestly my new favorite piece of home decor.

-Still doing Kayla Itsines BBG workouts every week, and I’m loving the results.

-Starting to miss the days when you were a tiny baby who would just cuddle me. Also trying to convince myself that I’m NOT baby hungry, haha.

-Cleaned out my closet about 4 times this last month, which should give you a good idea of how ready I am to leave 2017 behind.

-Trying to remember to be more present, and to appreciate all of the moments that I have with you while you’re still growing and changing so much.


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