Postpartum Update: 4 Months

I was nervous to write this month’s post. The postpartum recovery is rough. I’ve received comments about my progress and that I seem to be losing the weight pretty quickly. I’m grateful that everything I’ve been doing has been working pretty well. That being said, this month has been hard for me. 

This month, though, my weight loss hit a plateau. If anything, I think I gained weight this month instead of losing it. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to go to Pure Barre the 3+ times a week that I’d wanted or intended. Life gets busy, I had to change my work schedule, and we haven’t been able to find a replacement babysitter for Seth and I to go to Pure Barre. And that difference has been noticeable in my postpartum recovery process. The skin on my stomach is still loose and makes me insecure, and I’ve had a hard time squeezing my booty into a few pairs of pants.

postpartum update: 4 months

That being said, I’m not letting it discourage me! I know that I’m only four months postpartum. I’m grateful for where I’m at, and I’m trying to embrace my body the way it is. Hopefully once Bastian starts sleeping better at night again(praying this sleep regression goes away soon!) I’ll be able to start going to Pure Barre consistently in the mornings again. Lately, I’ve just been too tired to go in the early mornings.

Honestly, I’ve been really lazy with my diet, too. I haven’t been watching what I eat, and we all know that abs are made in the kitchen, right?

postpartum update: 4 months

My goals for this next month are to really dedicate to going to Pure Barre more often, and to be more careful with what I eat. I just shouldn’t eat junk, it’s that simple. Easier said than done, though.


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