Project You & Me: 9 Months

And just like that, Bastian’s first Christmas has come and gone, and his first birthday is starting to creep up on us. I’ve very prematurely began planning his birthday party and subsequently being sad that my little baby is closer to a toddler than a newborn. How is it that the days are so long, yet the weeks and years are so short?


-Eating more than I do, sometimes.

-Learned how to jump/bounce up and down in your crib.

-Favorite words are “Mama” and “No”.

-Learned how to say “Lyla” and I only cried a little bit that you never got the chance to learn how to say “Thunder”.

-Still fit in all of your 6-9 month clothes, but are way too tall for absolutely all of your pants. (We measured about a month ago and you were almost 30 inches long!)

-Bath time is your favorite time of the day.

-Love putting your toothbrush in our mouths, and not so much in your own.

-Cut one of your top teeth this month, and working really hard on the second top tooth.

-Think 6:45 is a great time to wake up for the day now and we’re trying reeeaaaallly hard to convince you otherwise.

-Are still the best cuddler I’ve ever met.



-Watching videos of newborn Bastian with Seth right now and in DISBELIEF at how little and tiny you were.

-Opening my clothing store in a matter of WEEKS.

-Honestly seriously in denial about how big you are.

-Halfway done with my first round of BBG.

-Still working really hard on remaining present and not working at all while you’re awake.

-Missing you so much after you go to sleep, because I know I won’t see you for 12 hours and I have to stop myself from pulling you out of bed to cuddle.

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